Chuck's Woodworking

  In this web site are pictures of some of my past woodworking projects.

Hope you enjoy them.
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Curly Maple & Walnut Box
Cedar Flower Box
Red Oak Side Table
Red Oak Vanity
Red Oak Shelving
Stained Red Oak
Red Oak Wine Cabinet
Red Oak Quilt Rack
Red Oak Photo Seats
Natural Old Cherry Vanity
Red Oak Kitchenette
Cherry Photo Album
Red Oak Vanity
Red Oak Trophy Case
Red Oak Table
Dove Tailed Drawer
Red Oak Items
Spalted Curly Maple Shelves
Red Oak Vanity
Red Oak Mirror Frame
Red Oak Shelving
Red Oak Wall Cabinet
Red Oak Vanity
Birch Cabinet
1/4 Sawn Red Oak Kitchen
Red Oak Cabinets
Cherry Cremation Box
Hickory Cabinet
Painted DVD Cabinets
Red Oak Stereo   Stand with CD Storage
Red Oak Shelf
Red Oak Kitchen
Walnut Cabinets
!/4 Sawn White Oak
Old Headboard
& Foot-board
made into Chair
Bedside Tables
Cherry stained White Oak
Necklace Stands
36" Red Oak Shelves
6' Red Oak Shelves

Page updated 02/25/2020
Bathroom Wall         Cabinet  
Project to Refinish Before Picture
        click to see after picture
                 Old Steering Wheel.
    Click on picture to see new wheel.
Red Oak File Cabinet