After moving to a new address a new shop was needed, so in
March of 2005 plans were started for construction of the shop.
This old shop was 1,200 squire feet and running out of room.
It seemed like there were more machines then there was floor space.
 There was room to do the mill work, but not enough
room to assemble the projects.
 There was even very little room for lumber storage.
I even had to share the shop with lawn tractor storage.
 The completion of the concrete slab in April of 2005 was a welcome sight.
May and June brought the completion of the shop structure.
 After all the electrical, heating and plumbing were completed the shop was ready for drywall. There was no other place to store the equipment but in the new shop, so everything was covered in plastic to protect from the drywall mud splatters and sanding dust.
 2,400 square feet of floor space needs a great deal of wall board for the walls and ceiling
with a great deal of joint mud. Even though the drywallers did a good job, they created a hard job of cleaning the floor. This cleaning took almost a full week of scraping and mopping.
 Once all the painting and electrical work was completed, the next step was to place the machines. After a great deal of thought and
moving the machines back and forth, I finely placed the machines
where I thought they would work best for the work flow.
Next was the assembling of the machines as well as hookup to the power and dust collection.
 The last task to complete was the setup of the finishing area. The spray equipment took
some time to aquire because it seems that there is no one in this area that has the spray
equipment needed so everything you see was shipped to me.
 It seems like it has taken forever to get to this point, but so far I am happy with the results.
Like everything else, this is an evolution and things will get changed over and over such as a new 37" drum sander. The pictures below show how the shop is now.
Over the years I have enjoyed woodworking as a part time job. Now that I am retired from my full time job of 35 years as a business telephone service tech for Verizon,  I am ready for a long and full time job of woodworking enjoyment.