This is a new house with a new kitchen.  The wood is Quarter Sawn Red Oak.  As you can see below, there is about 700 board feet of oak and all the plywood needed for the cabinets.  Also, there is the hardware which is mostly Plum products.
Below is one of the base cabinets made from 3/4" red oak plywood.  There are slots cut into the edges to accept biscits to aline the face frame.  Plum adjustable feet were used on all base cabinets.
Below is a sample of face frame construction.
You can never have too many clamps.
All the drawers are of hard maple and assembled with dovetail joints.
Just a few of the cabinets with drawers installed.
This waste bracket is different in that when it is pushed into the cabinet it slides up at a slight angle to seal tightly with the rubber gasket.  That way bad oders stay in the basket.
Below are milled stiles & rails ready to be used in the raised panel door construction.
 Installation of the cabinets .
The three pictures below show the kitchen about 99% complete.  The crown modling around the top edges of the upper cabinets still needs to be installed.  Also, the valance over the sink needs to be installed.